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Hosting Global is a complete network system that can help credit card holders to repay. We strictly abide by the content and regulations of agreements between the state and exclusive bank supervision and cooperative financial institutions.
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We are proud to provide customers with a safe and reliable trading model.
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Ans:Credit card proxy still refers to when the cardholder’s credit card’s last repayment date expires, and I cannot repay the payment or make full repayment for a while, this will cause credit reporting impact, the bank will generate bad debts, and we will make repayments and then spend. When it comes out, it completes the task of repayment in one installment, and solves the problem of cardholders credit investigation and bank bad debts.

Ans:Traditional repayment is done through offline POS machine consumption and card swiping, and the bank judges it as malicious cash expenditure. We use a multi-bank payment interface to seamlessly connect offline repayment and online consumption through a legal and compliant API.

Ans:After registering as our user, you can recharge via digital currency or bank, and then you can perform the repayment.

Ans:The repayment amount and the repayment account are randomly allocated by the system, and no member can choose.

Ans:Log in to our website, use your email address to register, you will receive an email with a registration verification code, and the registration can be completed after the verification is successful.
Financial institutions we work with
We provide a variety of payment and withdrawal methods to ensure the safety of your funds.
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