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About us
mission of team
We have the core value of customer-oriented, which promotes us to keep pace with the times and innovate continuously. The management team believes that the interests of customers are above all else. All decisions are for your rights.
Hosting Global was established in 2016
The head office is located on the 15th floor of the Marina Bay Financial Center Building in Singapore. The current average monthly user growth rate is 41%. Last year, the transaction amount on the platform was as high as 42 million US dollars.
Company core
Customer first
Any decision we make will center on customer rights
Keep improving
Give traders the knowledge and tools to succeed and create an extraordinary trading experience
Simple choice
Making transactions easier is the reason why customers choose us. We make transactions simple
Continue to innovate on the existing basis to allow customers to experience more new technology trading forms
High standard
Our achievements today stem from our hard work and an attitude of excellence
Brand Promise
The company has a complete management system and a young and energetic team. In recent years, based on market research and big data analysis, it has focused on credit entrusted research. The company adheres to the “customer first concept”, for every Customer service. The company has won the trust and recognition of many international customers with its excellent professional attitude and perfect and efficient service. In addition, the company also cooperates with some large banks and credit card providers (including UOB, JCB and JCB) Cooperation., Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, Credit Agricole, Japan Post Bank, BPCE Group, etc.) have established a cooperation through the use of financial institution information to realize global offline operations and online repayment operations, seamlessly connecting to achieve reasonable generation In addition, it solves the problem of users' overdue bad credit investigation and bank bad debts.
Company Culture
Cultivated a kind of corporate culture of mutual assistance, this kind of culture originated from the top of the company, passed on to our passionate company vitality, and then extended to our customers. We are a global company, so communication, cooperation and mutual understanding are all essential. Our culture is jointly formulated by our global team, so how to achieve it? There are the following points:
If everyone goes hand in hand, then success will come naturally.
We enjoy our work. We are happy to help you.
High standard
Our achievement today has its inevitability, which stems from our attitude of excellence.
Learn and stay curious
Will ask "why"? Keep exploring and find the seemingly impossible connection.
Think outside the box
We get rid of the inherent mode of thinking and improve the way we serve you.
Sense of responsibility
We will never say that it is not my job.
We analyze tasks and set them as goals to create success.
Team spirit
We focus on teamwork, show personal value, and reward individual contributions.
Our employees
Employees are the foundation of our business. We believe that our employees have made our business, and their talents and enthusiasm have created a culture that we are proud of. This culture can help you get an extraordinary trading experience. Our team continues to grow, with more than 450 employees worldwide, with services in more than 20 languages, distributed in 13 offices. Offices are located in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. We want to be experts in the global market, so we recruit professional local employees.
Safe and reliable transaction method
We are proud to provide customers with a safe and reliable trading model.
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